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1"It's a rest stop for many"  3  6May 28, 2008Paisleypaul   Paisley
2"Baker"  9  31May 7, 2007Yaqui   California
3"Aptly Named"  1  2Jul 24, 2006johngayton   Lundy Island
4"Only one reason to stop....GYROS!!!"  1  3May 28, 2006lucythedog  Skagway
5"World's Largest Thermometer - Disappointment!"  1May 31, 2005nikkihamrick  San Diego
6"Rest stop City"  1Feb 2, 2004austinmax  City of Manila
7"What the h*ll did that thermometer say?!?"  3Oct 23, 2003PartyRambo  Calgary
8"Baker - California - USA"  9  9Jun 17, 2003TinKan  Hereford
9"Baker, the road to sin..."  1  1Feb 20, 2003Shaft28  Austin
10"Home of Bun Boy"  2  4Jan 15, 2003Yubert  La Mirada
11"Mirella's Baker Page"  1  1Jan 1, 1990Mirellaboer  Netherlands
12"Gypsy_King's new Baker Page"  3  4Jan 1, 1990Gypsy_King  Dallas
13"mafootje's new Baker Page"  9  10Jan 1, 1990mafootje  Vlaardingen
14"Waiting in Baker, California"  3Jan 1, 1990Polaris1  Las Vegas