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1"Gateway to the Havasu Falls"  3Jun 24, 2011Segolily  Salt Lake City
2"You can only get here by foot, horse or mule, or b"  1Mar 7, 2008MelBernadt  Redondo Beach
3"Hiking to Supai"  5  20Jan 22, 2008Duke7  Longmont
4"Havasupai Reservation"  3Jul 16, 2006LadyXoc  Illinois
5"Backpack"  1Oct 16, 2005Vigg  Phoenix
6"An Oasis at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon"  14  23Nov 6, 2004windsorgirl  Windsor
7"Magnificant Waterfalls"Jan 15, 2003Yubert  La Mirada
8"Third time is the charm"  10  9Sep 7, 2002jenn_d  Long Beach