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1"Aug 25, 26, 27, 2013"  9Oct 4, 2013barrypanzer  Portland
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3"The Golden Age of Bathing"  1  2Apr 19, 2011Bunsch  Providence
4"Old Time Spa Treatment"  26  98Apr 30, 2009BruceDunning   Huntsville
5"Beatufil small town in the middle of nowhere"  1Oct 14, 2007Dan67  Chicago
6"A place to miss"  3  8Jan 11, 2007Mindy_J  Franklin
7"Historical Downtown"Dec 31, 2006changeinlatitude  Saint Louis
8"My Short Visit to Hot Springs"  6  16Aug 11, 2006sweetheart519  Plano
9"Hot Springs Honeymoon"  3Jul 4, 2006cordovalady  Cordova
10"More than just a honeymoon destination..."  3  4Jun 17, 2006Small_World  Monroe
11"Hot Springs"  3Jun 16, 2006Jackelyne  Miami
12"Interstitial National Park Town"  13  68Feb 12, 2006grandmaR  Leonardtown
13"Fun for Family"  4  5Jul 6, 2005angiebshoppin  Lago Vista
14"A fun weekend trip"  2Jun 30, 2005larsy  Texas
15"Hot Springs, Arkansas"  2  3Jun 19, 2005cmarsek  Saint Louis
16"Easy Goin' Hot Springs"  1Mar 27, 2005Kiisu  Mountain Home
17"Hot Springs"  2  10Apr 11, 2004where2next  Boston
18"Hot Springs, Arkansas"  3  6Sep 19, 2003geanster  Richmond
19"melody129's new Hot Springs Page"Aug 8, 2002melody129  Lansing
20"RainWispr1's new Hot Springs Page"  3  2Jul 28, 2002RainWispr1  Indiana
21"JKWill Hot Springs, AR Page"  1Jul 18, 2002jkwill  Dallas
22"Hot Springs, Arkansas"  4  4May 13, 2002Easty  Hackettstown
23"EdWoods's new Hot Springs Page"Mar 29, 2002EdWoods  Hot Springs
24"houdoo's new Hot Springs Page"  6  7Feb 3, 2002houdoo  Fort Worth
25"Hot Springs National Park"  2  3Jun 20, 200110eke  Hasselt
26"Bostephenson's Hot Springs Page"  6  8May 1, 2001Bostephenson  Washington D.C.
27"jedd43's new Hot Springs Page"  5  5Dec 11, 2000jedd43  Oklahoma City
28"Hot Springs, AR"  12  13Nov 18, 2000Pamela_Peace  Little Rock