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1"Jumping Off Place"  9May 29, 2011grandmaR  Leonardtown
2"Spit was never this interesting"  4  15May 12, 2009jumpingwithnorman  San Jose
3"Jumping Around Homer!"  4  21May 4, 2009jumpingnorman  Phoenix
4"Famous Waterfront"  2  4Aug 7, 2008HasTowelWillTravel  Los Angeles
5"Where the Land Ends"  5  13Jul 13, 2008akskibunny  Anchorage
6"Homer"  7  34May 24, 2008Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
7"Homer is worth it's weight in spit"  1Sep 10, 2007fishtaco  Huntington Beach
8"Homer"Sep 3, 2007cnango  San Clemente
9"Where the Road Ends and the Sea Begins"  29  108Aug 19, 2007AlbuqRay   Albuquerque
10"Great views and great fishing!"  2Feb 17, 2007Vulindlela  Indianapolis
11"Homer"  1Nov 8, 2006Matyas  Fredericton
12"World Art for ALS Awareness"  1Apr 23, 2006PALS  Chelsea
13"Two Sisters Bakery...A taste of real Alaska"  1Mar 29, 2006TDean  Farmington Hills
14"An Uncommon Destination"  4  9Mar 23, 2006RickinDutch  Kodiak
15"Seaside Tranquility"  2  5Jan 24, 2006masonbryant  Dallas
16"Homer, Alaska"  1  2Aug 22, 2005Wendy67  Illinois
17"Halibut Capital of the World"  11  12Aug 9, 2005karenincalifornia  San Rafael
18"Homer, Alaska - The End of the Road"  8  43Jan 24, 2005onebadcat  Anchorage
19"Welcome to Homer, Alaska"  1Nov 22, 2004crazyak  Juneau
20"By the Beach in Homer"  4  5Aug 8, 2004extremist  Anchorage
21"Our friend lives here (named Paul)."Apr 1, 2004einstein47  Redding
22"Homer -- suffering from a "Spit" Personality"  26  29Jan 19, 2004kaloz  Cordova
23"Homer than home"  8  9Jul 9, 2003mht_in_la  Los Angeles
24"Homer, Alaska"  2  1Dec 8, 2002wilsonjw  North Springfield
25"alaska"  1Oct 31, 2002mud4x4  Bay City
26"Homer - The Famous Spit of Alaska"  15  16Sep 9, 2002victorwkf  Serangoon
27"HOMER"  7  5Sep 7, 2002worldtrekker  Long Island
28"Homer Alaska"  8  1Sep 5, 2002wildgreen  Homer
29"Hangin with the locals in Homer"  13  11Sep 4, 2002goingsolo  Fort Lauderdale