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1"Beautiful views and breathtaking"Dec 11, 2012nighthawk  Ten Boer
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6"Longyearbyen - the northernmost city of the world"  19  38May 25, 2006tini58de  Karlsruhe
7"Visiting the Russian settlement Barentsburg"  2  1Apr 13, 2006jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
8"paradise or in the middel of nowhere"  14  2Jun 1, 2004tone78  Longyearbyen
9"Longyearbyen, the smallest and northermost capital"  4May 29, 2004global_explorer  Hamar
10"1999"Jan 15, 2004sivad  Liverpool
11"Svalbard - The real arctic"Dec 30, 20032rs  Oslo
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16"Longyearbyen"  8  34Nov 4, 2002wilda08  Longyearbyen