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1"The German corner and the Romans were here."  9  45Sep 3, 2015gwened  Pluvigner
2"Where Rhine and Moselle meet and also VTers!"  31  134Jun 22, 2015toonsarah   Ealing
3"A good base for exploring......"  17  73May 30, 2015leics  Leicester
4"Koblenz"  3May 11, 2015sachara  Emmen
5"Welcome VTers to Koblenz: Euro2015 post meet :)"  17  68Mar 1, 2014Trekki  Germany
6"An der Ecke"  1  8Jun 12, 2012Sirvictor  Ankara
7"KOBLENZ"  15  59Jan 8, 2012balhannah   Brisbane
8"Where two great rivers meet - Koblenz"  15  49Sep 5, 2011Maryimelda  Brisbane
9"Cruising the Rhine River from Koblenz to Mainz"  1May 31, 2010t_cinanni  Perth
10"A great base to explore the Rhine"  3  7Aug 24, 2009Karlie85  Edmonton
11"Just passing by"  3  8Jul 30, 2009solopes  Turquel
12"KOBLENZ"  3  4Apr 16, 2009alyf1961  Leeds
13"Town on two rivers ~under construction ~"  2  9Mar 20, 2009MacedonianUK  Bitola
14"Koblenz"  3Oct 7, 2008Pedralho  Krefeld
15"Where the Rivers Mosel and Rhein converge"  19Sep 2, 2008lifeisatrip  Joshua Tree
16"Koblenz: the meeting with Rhein and Mosel"  2  3Aug 28, 2008Cristian_Uluru  Italy
17"Koblenz"  13  13Jul 13, 2008mvtouring  South Africa
18"Where Mosel Meets Rhine"  2Jun 30, 2008kawanua  Los Angeles
19"Koblenz - where the Rhine and the Mosel meet"  3Jun 4, 2008nomad7890  Orlando
20"koblenz germany"  17  18May 24, 2008doug48  Orlando
21"Koblenz, where her heart sinks"  3  7Apr 1, 2008we2364  New York City
22"Koblenz, DE"  10Nov 15, 2007dromosapien  Faribault
23"My Koblenz"  1  3Sep 17, 2007robertbaum  Yokohama
24"A day and night in Koblenz."  1Sep 7, 2007Openseas  Sydney
25"German Eck"  2Aug 5, 2007Edjumari  World
26"Castellum apud confluentes"  23  51Jul 17, 2007Elena77  Koblenz
27"KOBLENZ"  1Jun 22, 2007wroclawiak  Wroclaw
28"Koblenz"  1  6May 8, 2007suzaila  Petaling Jaya
29"Koblenz"  1  2Jan 11, 2007ettenaj  Bolton
30"Opera in Koblenz"  14  43Jan 6, 2007Nemorino  Frankfurt am Main
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