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1"Kaмянeць!"  9  26Jan 12, 2013ainsleigh  Winnipeg
2"Castles."  1  1Aug 12, 2008Dizzyhead  Eskilstuna
3"тест"  1Aug 8, 2008iamyurkas  Konotop
4"Really old city and really beautiful!!!"  2Jul 21, 2008trinidat  Kiev
5"What a stunner!"  2  3May 4, 2008mingul   Bucharest
6"The Flower in the Stone"  16  26Dec 28, 2007om_212  Kiev
7"Most Interesting Fortified City in Ukraine"  10  19Sep 6, 2007lotharlerch  Telfs
8"Town Surrounded By A Canyon"  10  35Aug 8, 2005Enzyme_X  Ljubljana
9"Breathing History of Western Ukraine"  1  1Jan 21, 2005Max.ivanenko  Kiev
10"City like as stoned flower"  9May 26, 2004Lysenko  Kiev
11"A trip out of the ordinary"Sep 2, 2002gardesque  Runde