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12"Old City"  15  38Nov 23, 2006Bavavia  New Jersey
13"A trip to the Judea mountains"  10Oct 14, 2006Naokico  Tel Aviv District
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15"Jerusalem of Gold"Jun 25, 2006lionreb  Tiverton
16"The Jerusalem district."  5  5Jun 21, 2006ophiro  Petah Tiqwa
17"Jerusalem & Beyond"  8  22Jul 16, 2005gilabrand  Jerusalem
18"Visit to Jerusalem"  3  3Oct 25, 2004ettenaj  Bolton
19"History and Holiness, ,all in one small place"  1Sep 14, 2003fellman01  Canberra
20"Kaleidoscope of History"  7  1Feb 21, 2003yumiyun  South Africa
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22""Next year in JerUSAlem""  8  8Jan 24, 2003Grazina  Page
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24"Jerusalem"Oct 7, 2002Sharon  Tel Aviv District
25"The Jerusalem Region"  15  11Sep 14, 2002Gili_S  Europe