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1"Beach Bounty"Mar 13, 2014ddijak  New Jersey
2"Begin the Beguine..."Jul 21, 2011Marisola  Chicago
3"caribbean island looking very french"  2  6Jan 20, 2009hanspeter_W.  Zürich
4"Beautiful beach with huge waves"  2Dec 2, 2008L-Cay  Stockholm
5"Gwada: Le papillon des Cara´bes"  96  339Oct 6, 2008Pieter11   Roosendaal
6"So which one is it? Guadelupe or St.Martin? Both?"  1Sep 7, 2008Jawnuta  New York City
7"Guadeloupe - France in the Caribbean"  3Sep 5, 2008DaveSamaroo  Qatar
8"Terre-de-Haut, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe"Aug 25, 2008dbeatty  Carlsbad
9"Guadeloupe (France !)"Jun 12, 2008aurelieBachelet  Pau
10"Gwada!"  11  16Apr 24, 2008MickeH  Göteborg
11"Guadeloupe"  5  18Feb 28, 2008bsfreeloader  Sofia
12"All the colors of the Caribbean"  21  24Jan 18, 2008filip007  Moscow
13"Catamaran cruise"  3May 3, 2007Pierangelo  Dubai
14"Beach and Ti'punch"Apr 26, 2007ETNtheFrenchGuy  Paris
15"Sailing in Guadeloupe and Dominica"Mar 5, 2007bayfieldsailor  Minnesota
16"Guadeloupe original Gwada Connection"  1Jun 15, 2006mirnaleborgne  World
17"Good food & beatiful beaches, but not people"  1Jun 7, 2006LMOPrincess  Paris
18"my next home..."Apr 15, 2006p_tite_mayo  Nice
19"France in the Caribbean"  8Mar 7, 2006Martique  New York State
20"Guadeloupe"  3Feb 25, 2006al_mary  Massachusetts
21"Don't tell anyone..."  2  3Jan 28, 2006ElComico  Île de Montréal
22"France in the Caribbean Sea"  1Oct 24, 2005amadorgarcia  Barcelona
23"Guadeloupe, les Antilles"  3  7Oct 11, 2005Marymarypod  Montreal
24"La Guadeloupe"  2Sep 1, 2005grovier  Marseille
25"COLORS"  3May 15, 2005Marion17  Den Bosch
26"the island of the Blanc Pays"  1Apr 16, 2005jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
27"Sailing in the Carrabean"  2Feb 5, 2005Anouk&Ric  Zürich
28"Guadeloupe - French colony in the Caribbean"  3Oct 2, 2004San_Diego_Evita  Las Vegas
29"Guadeloupe"  7  7Aug 9, 2004Skipster  England
30"dont you want to jump in the water?"  38  28Jun 5, 2004sylvie-uk  Bourg-en-Bresse
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