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1"Day trip"  5  12Jun 28, 2014xaver   Porto Recanati
2"LOTS OF BEAR'S AT ANDERMATT"  15  67Nov 26, 2011balhannah   Brisbane
3"Good jumping-off point to drive the Alps"Jul 14, 2009gdguarino  New York City
4"Welcome to Andermatt"  24  80Sep 2, 2007yumyum   Zürich
5"Diamond in the heart of the Swiss Alps"  6  26Dec 31, 2006Veghel   Netherlands
6"Andermatt, quaint city where the mountains rule!"  5  11Jul 30, 2006bicycle_girl  Port Moody
7"Andermatt Switzerland"  1Jul 17, 2006dmozoid  Marble Falls
8"That's were all started... grew up here"Nov 28, 2004gregli  Andermatt
9"Another campsite with a view"  3Aug 15, 2004joanj  Ipswich
10"Andermatt"  3Jun 15, 2003paradisedreamer  Cape Town