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1"The capital of a bilingual canton"  3Mar 25, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
2"Fribourge."  1  6Jan 16, 2014hollyftns  Bangkok
3"Fribourg"  3Aug 12, 2012Manara  Parma
4"Jumping in Fribourg"  1Mar 7, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
5"an interesting town south-west of Bern"  14  69Nov 9, 2009globetrott   Vienna
6"Fribourg - experience the diversity!"  1Nov 22, 2008Lilasel  Annemasse
7"FRIBOURG"  7Aug 27, 2008timada  Constanta
8"Walking the Old City..."  17  79Feb 24, 2008Greggor58  Ottawa
9"Freiburg i. Ü."  3Jan 7, 2008kamelonline  Fribourg
10"Fribourg, the medieval city"  1  2Mar 26, 2007pecsihornet  Pecs
11"shopping in fribourg"  1Mar 24, 2007viajeras2  Fredericksburg
12"Le musée de la marionnette n'ouvre que le matin..."Feb 24, 2007sandydidou  Sauve
13"Not until the cows come home..."  1Jun 19, 2006xxgirasolexx  Florence
14"Fribourg"  10  8Mar 8, 2006globetrotter06  Manly
15"Fribourg, Switzerland"  2Jan 18, 2006Gizmo9980  Chicago
16"From Bern to Fribourg"  9  20Sep 4, 2005bianchis  Switzerland
17"The Studious City"  6  10Aug 23, 2005Tripack  Switzerland
18"Fribourg"  1May 20, 2005realde14  Paris
19"The Bourg..."  1Oct 29, 2004cynthi  Baton Rouge
20"Fribourg welcomes you!"  30  37Jul 1, 2004amsterdam_vallon  Lethbridge
21"Fribourg - a hidden treasure"  7  10Jun 10, 2003Tolik  Tampa
22"Passing by Fribourg, Switzerland..."  2  3May 12, 2003bicycle_girl  Port Moody
23"A Swiss surprise"  2Oct 24, 2002OrlandoBR  São Paulo
24"Pavel67's new Fribourg Page"  1Aug 2, 2002Pavel67  Moscow
25"Cafe du Midi"  1May 15, 2002FrancaLingua  Porto
26"Krumel's new Fribourg Page"  5Apr 29, 2002Krumel  Dunboyne
27"aliante1981's new Fribourg Page"  4  3Oct 7, 2001aliante1981  London
28"silvia-m.b's new Fribourg Page"  1Jul 29, 2001silvia-m.b  Barcelona
29"Fribourg"  5  6May 5, 2001sandysmith  West Kirby
30"WojtekK's new Fribourg Page"  1  2Jan 3, 2001WojtekK  Krakow
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