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14"Fortified town of Gruyeres"  1  4Jul 31, 2006DebbieLA  West Los Angeles
15"Cheese, Castle & Charm"  1Jun 11, 2006annk  Estero
16"La Gruyere"  1Mar 12, 2006Bez1  Örebro
17"Tucked in the quiet mountains"  2  3Jan 18, 2006DSwede  Whangarei
18"Gruyeres - cheese & Aliens"  1  26Mar 31, 2005chancay  Hannover
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20"GRUYERES: So Beautiful & So Romantic"Sep 6, 2004Pakistaniguy  London
21"Gruyeres: Switzerland"  1Jun 20, 2004Intrepidduck  Fitzroy
22"Castles and fondue"  3Jan 1, 2004upthemountain  Bern
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