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9"Locarno and one of its valleys"  2  7Sep 14, 2006swissrain  Winterthur
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13"Locarno"  2  4Apr 28, 2005Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
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15"I LOVE this place!"  6  7Apr 11, 2005Callavetta  San Francisco
16"A Day Trip to Locarno"  12  13Oct 2, 2004Rhondaj  Pennsville
17"Coming soon"  1Jul 10, 2004jay_krejic  Sweden
18"simply: WAU!!"  1  3Jun 2, 2004laurenzia  Tampere
19"Camellia on the lake"  12  26Mar 29, 2004mauro_pd  Cassano d'Adda
20"Locarno , Italy or Switzerland?!"  4  5Oct 28, 2003vahiddavoodi  Switzerland
21"The swiss riviera"  2  3May 14, 2003sinoda  Helsinki
22"LOCARNO"  9  12Oct 13, 2002JudyinPA  Pennsylvania
23"Lovely Locarno"  13Sep 15, 2002Pakistaniguy  London
24"la citta` delle camelie"  15  48Sep 7, 2002call_me_rhia  Europe
25"Eszter's Locarno Page"  1Sep 5, 2002Eszter  Hungary
26"Locarno +++ The Cannes of Switzerland"  9  10Sep 2, 2002sabsi  Düsseldorf
27"Of Leopards and movies in Locarno"  1Aug 31, 2002Bigs  Hannover