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1"The L÷wendenkmal"  1  4Mar 25, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
2"Luzern in my eyes ^^"  3Feb 2, 2014Emily2410  Vietnam
3"Lucern, Switzerland."  1  4Jan 13, 2014hollyftns  Bangkok
4"Lovely town for a wander......"  11  53Jun 29, 2013leics  Leicester
5"Charming town on the lake"  2  4Nov 11, 2012Odiseya  Doboj
6"Most beautiful place in this world"  1Sep 19, 2012jeanx58  Beijing
7"Lucerne"  26Sep 15, 2012al2401  Palmwoods
8"Memories of Lucerne SWITZERLAND"  1Jan 5, 2012freddie18  Toronto
9"EVERYBODY GOES TO LUCERNE!"  23  85Nov 11, 2011balhannah   Brisbane
10"aardvaark on tour"Sep 27, 2011chrisveitch  Bristol
11"Lucerne/Luzern"  9Sep 20, 2011MM212  London
12"Looking Lovely Lucerne"  29  91Sep 5, 2011Maryimelda  Brisbane
13"A must go place"  3Jul 11, 2011Ilney  Poços de Caldas
14"Lakeside loveliness"  1  2Nov 7, 2010Sjalen  Sweden
15"Lucerne"  8  34May 19, 2010Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
16"Picture postcard city"  3May 4, 2010Ramonq  Makati
17"Lucerne Switzerland"  3Apr 19, 2010cmcard2  Pittsburgh
18"THE ESSCENSE OF SWITZERLAND - LUCERNE"  9  23Nov 2, 2009MaheshSamtani  Valencia
19"Lucern-Citizen"  2  6Jul 9, 2009mean_pirate  Lucerne
20"Lucerne"  1Jun 30, 2009t_cinanni  Perth
21"Lucerne"  1May 9, 2009gksrud  Seoul
22"Lucerne, Switzerland"  1Oct 18, 2008europetraveller61  Perth
23"Our Last Stop on our First European Holiday"  11  28Oct 15, 2008riorich55  Naperville
24"Lucerne"  1Aug 31, 2008timada  Constanta
25"La ciudad mas linda de Suiza"  3Aug 26, 2008maruyelmundo  Buenos Aires
26"Lucerne, CH"  1Aug 10, 2008dromosapien  Faribault
27"Luzern - a remarkable medieval city"  3  15Aug 8, 2008Tripack  Switzerland
28"Lucerne"  2Aug 8, 2008Manara  Parma
29"Heart of Switzerland"  4  3Aug 5, 2008iammon  Thun
30"Luzern"  4Jul 15, 2008luvtrvlg  Las Vegas
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