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1"A place to relax"  1  3Oct 13, 2012jlanza29  Miami
2"Montreux"  2  23Nov 6, 2011MM212  London
3"THE SWISS RIVIERA"  26  78Sep 2, 2011balhannah   Brisbane
4"Montreux"  2Jul 11, 2011Ilney  Poços de Caldas
5"Montreaux"  1  8May 19, 2010Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
6"A Couple of Days in Montreux"  5  17Feb 5, 2010SurfaceTravel  London
7"Montreux, the Swiss Riviera"  3  4Jun 21, 2009EspritMontagne  La Chapelle
8"Montreux"  3Dec 15, 2008barbskie  Switzerland
9"A September afternoon in Montreux"  1  23Sep 22, 2008nyperose  Lausanne
10"MONTREUX"  1Sep 21, 2008timada  Constanta
11"Montreux"  1Aug 8, 2008Manara  Parma
12"Montreux on Lake Geneva"  5  41Aug 7, 2008sue_stone  Sydney
13"Montreux "Wild Twin" on Lake Geneva"  10  22Aug 2, 2008Zvrlj  Kragujevac
14"Montreux - Jazz festival"  2  3Feb 25, 2008Iksi  Split
15"Montreux"  4  16Feb 10, 2008Dyesebel  World
16"Palm trees, mountains and the lake"Dec 5, 2007meissoun  Zürich
17"Montreux"  1  8Nov 19, 2007VDElvis  Cleveland Heights
18"A Castle and a Queen"  5  18Aug 26, 2007Dabs  Chicago
19"On the lake Geneva..."  4  8Jul 22, 2007Banty  Lüdenscheid
20"A rainy afternoon at Montreux"  3Jun 6, 2007Kikitriky  Sofia
21"Playing all night in Montruex"  1Jun 3, 2007mrmassageinsd  San Diego
22"Montruex"  1  5May 3, 2007cmak  London
23"Freddy"  3Jan 7, 2007romalot  Blackpool
24"The Cochranes : our family in Switzerland"  2Nov 7, 2006EmilianoCV  Ras Al Khaimah
25"Montreux"  1Sep 13, 2006realde14  Paris
26"Montreux and Castle of Chillon"  3  4Sep 3, 2006Neit  Centelles
27"Montreux"  1Jun 25, 2006annk  Estero
28"Resort Town with French Style"  3  12Jun 23, 2006sswagner  Fort Worth
29"Montreux"Mar 28, 2006globetrotter06  Manly
30"Montreux, Switzerland"  3Feb 20, 2006breezydallas  Dallas
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