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1"Visiting Beautiful Lake Bled"  6  24Aug 4, 2014IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
2"B L E D ~ S L O V E N I A"  3Mar 3, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
3"My Bled"  3Dec 22, 2013MITNIC  Athens
4"Must see place in Slovenia"Oct 29, 2013Calis  Helsinki
5"A Dream Come True"  3Dec 10, 2012stamporama  Makati
6"Bled Page"  5  12Jun 16, 2012egonwegh   Nijmegen
7"Bled"  1Feb 8, 2012Gili_S  Europe
8"B L E D"  3Nov 17, 2011Aurorae  Belgrade
9"Welcome to Bled"  3  10Oct 21, 2011yumyum  Zürich
10"BLED"  7  23Oct 16, 2011balhannah   Brisbane
11"Fairy tale"  10  25Sep 24, 2011solopes  Turquel
12"Bled"  1  8Aug 2, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
13"bled castle, slovenia"  1Jul 24, 2011sionim  Pardes Hanna
14"AussieBarney just adored Bled"Jun 4, 2011AussieBarney  Australia
15"Bled is the Jewel of Slovenia"  1  8May 18, 2011wise23girl  State of Queensland
16"Bled"  1Oct 14, 2010YolandaC  Calgary
17"Lake Bled"  4  13Aug 30, 2010aukahkay  Singapore
18"Bled: too beautiful for its own good?"  3  11Aug 20, 2010CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
19"Bled"  3Aug 18, 2010Treeman28  Cambridge
20"Amazing... absolutely fabulous!"  3Jul 13, 2010chewbacca1975  Ankara
21"Lovely Lake"  3May 11, 2010Ramonq  Makati
22"Cafe Asko"  3Mar 4, 2010simonday  London
23"Bled"  10  27Dec 8, 2009Redang  Madrid
24"Lake Bled, delightful"  8  12Aug 15, 2009davesut  Manchester
25"Lake Bled"  1  31Jul 19, 2009skatzcatz  Darwin
26"Vintgar Gorge and a beautiful lake!"  3  17Jul 12, 2009Roeffie  Druten
27"Lake Bled and Surroundings"  12  52Jun 5, 2009travelfrosch  Boston
28"Fairy Tale Lake"  3Sep 2, 2008BlueLlama  Manchester
29"Bled"  28  30Aug 25, 2008easterntrekker  Halifax
30"Bled - Slovenia"  1  2May 26, 2008Jeanlyon  Modbury
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