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1"B L E D ~ S L O V E N I A"  3Mar 3, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
2"My Bled"  3Dec 22, 2013MITNIC  Athens
3"Must see place in Slovenia"Oct 29, 2013Calis  Helsinki
4"A Dream Come True"  3Dec 10, 2012stamporama  Makati
5"Bled Page"  5  12Jun 16, 2012egonwegh  Nijmegen
6"Bled"  1Feb 8, 2012Gili_S  Brighton
7"B L E D"  3Nov 17, 2011Aurorae  Belgrade
8"Welcome to Bled"  3  10Oct 21, 2011yumyum  Zürich
9"BLED"  7  23Oct 16, 2011balhannah  Brisbane
10"Fairy tale"  10  25Sep 24, 2011solopes  Turquel
11"Bled"  1  8Aug 2, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
12"bled castle, slovenia"  1Jul 24, 2011sionim  Pardes Hanna
13"AussieBarney just adored Bled"Jun 4, 2011AussieBarney  Australia
14"Bled is the Jewel of Slovenia"  1  8May 18, 2011wise23girl  State of Queensland
15"Bled"  1Oct 14, 2010YolandaC  Calgary
16"Lake Bled"  4  13Aug 30, 2010aukahkay  Singapore
17"Bled: too beautiful for its own good?"  3  11Aug 20, 2010CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
18"Bled"  3Aug 18, 2010Treeman28  Cambridge
19"Amazing... absolutely fabulous!"  3Jul 13, 2010chewbacca1975  Ankara
20"Bled - a wonderful place...."May 28, 2010Dizzyhead   Eskilstuna
21"Lovely Lake"  3May 11, 2010Ramonq  Makati
22"Cafe Asko"  3Mar 4, 2010simonday  London
23"Bled"  10  27Dec 8, 2009Redang  Madrid
24"Lake Bled, delightful"  8  12Aug 15, 2009davesut  Manchester
25"Lake Bled"  1  31Jul 19, 2009skatzcatz  Darwin
26"Vintgar Gorge and a beautiful lake!"  3  17Jul 12, 2009Roeffie  Druten
27"Lake Bled and Surroundings"  12  52Jun 5, 2009travelfrosch   Boston
28"Fairy Tale Lake"  3Sep 2, 2008BlueLlama  Manchester
29"Bled"  28  30Aug 25, 2008easterntrekker  Halifax
30"Bled - Slovenia"  1  2May 26, 2008Jeanlyon  Modbury
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