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1"St Croix: Not the best island in the Caribbean"Dec 9, 2013LadyRVG  New York State
2"Not a favorite island for us...."  15  62Oct 24, 2013cjg1  New York City
3"Not so impressed with this island"  1Dec 4, 2012Gypsystravels  United States of America
4"Hibiscus Beach Resort"  1Feb 13, 2012ongde  Nashville
5"Delightful Day in St. Croix"  3Feb 24, 2011vabchtraveler  Virginia Beach
6"The Island Powered on Cruzan Rum - St. Croix"  6  6Jul 10, 2010Kristini  San Francisco
7"The Biggest U.S. Virgin"  10  67Jan 21, 2010grandmaR  Leonardtown
8"St. Croix - US Vigin Islands"  1  6Dec 20, 2009Yogues  Arlington
9"No cruises, no tourists in St Croix !"  2Jul 7, 2008jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
10"St Croix"  3  13Mar 12, 2008mpierre16  Panamá City
11"St. Croix"  6  21Jan 27, 2008bsfreeloader  Sofia
12"Cruzan Rum, snorkelling, and the beach"  1  4May 6, 2007Icemaiden02  Barnegat
13"My Favorite Thing To Do--EAT!"  1Feb 10, 2007BelleofTheBoat  Salt Lake City
14"St. Croix - The Island of Relaxation"  3Jan 14, 2007kglazebrook  Farmington
15"St. Croix"Aug 9, 2006outdoorz13  Gilbert
16"St Croix, the forgotten Virgin Island."  2  10Aug 2, 2006frank_delargy  Saint Petersburg
17"St. Croix"  3Jul 29, 2006rahsaan00  Chicago
18"Christiansted, St Croix"  1  4Jul 23, 2006twilk76  Charlotte Amalie
19"Largest of the US Virgins"  3  10Jul 10, 2006DEBBBEDB  United States of America
20"St Croix"  1Mar 20, 2006Recncrew  Atlanta
21"US Virgin Islands"  4Mar 5, 2006Martique  New York State
22"St. Croix"Feb 26, 2006al_mary  Massachusetts
23"St. Croix Getaway"  3Jan 21, 2006zamora64  Chicago
24"St Croix"  1  2Sep 26, 2005gravy.  United States of America
25"St. Croix"  4  1Sep 3, 2005jenval  St. Croix
26"The Third Virgin"  1Jun 7, 2005catalysta  Bellingham
27"Where can I park my yacht?"Feb 21, 2005SassTraveler  Sacramento
28"The Largest of the US Virgin Islands"  3Jan 13, 2005fitbod  North Carolina
29"Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.."  1Dec 15, 2004Trainwreck20  Austin
30"Laid back island"  2Sep 8, 2004shanwake98  Reston
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