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1"A Memory of Whiteness"  20  85Mar 18, 2015Orchid  Melbourne
2"The End of the World"  9  36Feb 21, 2015al2401  Palmwoods
3"Antarctica - when, where and how"  1Feb 19, 2015Richard_Allen  Perth
4"The Bottom of the World"  17  38Feb 16, 2014DSwede  Corpus Christi
5"The Ultimate Destination on Earth"  9  48Jul 30, 2013fred98115  Seattle
6"Fly to Antarctica"  7  8Feb 18, 2012yobei  Vanceburg
7"Searching for meteorites and camping in Antarctica"  35  90Dec 5, 2011XenoHumph  Houston
8"TO THE END OF THE EARTH"  3Feb 14, 2011V.T.FLAG  Marbella
9"Antarctica"  3Feb 13, 2011shake801  Brooklyn
10"THE WHITE CONTINENT"  1  13Feb 5, 2011DAO  Wakefield
11"Antarctica, both filled and empty in the same view"  47  182Feb 5, 2011850prc  Florida
12"Expedition to the Peninsula"  2  16Dec 25, 2010npsdguy  San Diego
13"Antarctica"  3Dec 8, 2010ingosf  London
14"Jumping in Antarctica!"  1Feb 7, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
15"Antarctica!"  5  72Dec 13, 2009JessieLang  Spokane
16"Ross Sea & Sub-Antarctican Islands"Dec 7, 2009john_in_Brum_UK  Birmingham
17"Antarctica aboard the Antarctic Dream"  1Mar 20, 2009dyand  Georgetown
18"antarctica"  3Feb 28, 2009viajeropolar  Pamplona
19"Antarctica"  1Feb 24, 2009Slightly1  Vancouver
20"Fantastic"  1Feb 20, 2009bapak  Copenhagen
21"Antarctica and Tierra del Fuego"  1Feb 14,  Werne an der Lippe
22"Jane's Antarctica Page [with Photography Tips]"  77  83Jan 15, 2009leigh767  Hong Kong
23"ANTARCTICA"  2Jan 13, 2009Daja123  Slovenia
24"the white continent"  1  5Jan 11, 2009sharatkum  Hyderabad
25"Antarctica"  2Dec 30, 2008Ski_Entropy  Denver
26"cruising with the Bark Europa"  105  365Dec 22, 2008globetrott  Vienna
27"Home, sweet home"  1Apr 7, 2008SjefAage  Oslo Region
28"Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands"  21  98Apr 2, 2008LynCod  Chelmsford
29"Short Visit to Antarctica"  1Mar 27, 2008LarryKelley  Hart
30"One month working in Desception Island"  3Mar 25, 2008lacruzdeleje  Austin
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