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1"a short stay for work"  1Nov 9, 2009amsor  Amstetten
2"In a glimpse. Or more?"  2  1Aug 26, 2008Sweet_Marina   Moscow
3"a lot more than the ballet-school, Alla !!!"  34  165Jul 14, 2008globetrott   Vienna
4"Perm, Russia"Feb 12, 2008Julenka  Jamestown
5"Perm: Gateway to Siberia"  1Jun 13, 2007poons  Staffordshire
6"Perm"  2Jan 1, 2007nut_meg  Exeter
7"Perm - an overlooked gem!!"  3  3Jan 1, 2006RIMABUD  County Kerry
8"Perm'"  1Oct 8, 2002rowenapussie  London