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1"Pedrodvorets June 2009"  3Aug 7, 2009nyperose  Lausanne
2"Petrodvorets"  3  6Dec 28, 2005salisbury3933  Upper Hutt
3"Petergof"  3Sep 15, 2005kris-t  Belle River
4"Russian Versailles"  4  8Jun 7, 2005el_ruso  Coral Gables
5"My Datsha"  3Apr 2, 2005Anysis  Vienna
6"Fountains, palaces and huge landscape park"  7Dec 12, 2004Azul_Planeta  Moscow
7"PETERHOF IN PETRODVORETS"  1  1Sep 3, 2004skywarp  Lisbon
8"Sharrie's Petrodvorets "Peterhof""  27  28Nov 28, 2003Sharrie  Hong Kong
9"THE PALACES OF RUSSIAN TSARS"  11Oct 11, 2003Naryan-Mar  Nar'yan-Mar
10"Petrodvorets"  1Aug 26, 2003siberia99  Rockland
11"Emperor's Palaces"Apr 8, 2003Lysenko  Kiev