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1"San Andres Colombia Vacation"Jan 20, 2008frankomayorga  Bogotá
2"In the caribbean the very best..."  4  3Apr 30, 2007oyesabesque   Buenos Aires
3"San Andres"Oct 19, 2005kacaraba  Burlington
4"San Andres"  1Oct 12, 2005Forze  Rotterdam
5"San Andres paradise and stuff you'd never expect"  1  2Aug 3, 2005panderita  Cartagena
6"Unknown Paradise in Colombia"  1  2May 26, 2005jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
7"Colombian Hideaway"  7  10Jan 17, 2005stevezero  Belper
8"San Andres Island"  1Dec 2, 2004uchi2000  Lima Lima
9"Closest I've been to paradise"  18  17Feb 11, 2004canuckmike  Edmonton
10"San Andres"  1Oct 28, 2003Nike333  Zürich
11"San Andres Colombia"  3Oct 13, 2003Excaper  Province of Ontario
12"providencia"  28Apr 3, 2003colombiaalive  World