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1"Now could be the time to explore Colombia." Apr 18, 2015melosh  Palatka
2"Colombia"  18  72Feb 4, 2015Khamlia  Stockholm
3"COLOMBIA 1982"  1  2Feb 2, 2015davidjo  Puerto Princesa
4"Colombia - Land of Surprises"  1Jun 3, 2014kiwigal_1  Santiago
5"A walk through Medelin"Sep 18, 2012mcmac22002  Szczecin
6"Cartagena"  1Aug 3, 2012Andrewno11  New York State
7"Colombia"  1  3Apr 5, 2012JessieLang  Spokane
8"Colombia"  1  3Feb 12, 2012Gian59  Sarnia
9"COLOMBIA...The country that owns my heart!"Jan 17, 2012mamores  New Jersey
10"Paisa"Dec 16, 2011chupachup  Germany
11"Colombia, land of paradise"Oct 14, 2011kikewalker  World
12"A Bap Rep"  1Sep 30, 2011grandmaR  Leonardtown
13"Colombia"  3Aug 17, 2011Batface  Kingston
14"Santa Marta"Apr 19, 2011soystar  World
15"Colombia"  3Mar 28, 2011EMGuero  Austin
16"Colombia"  5  20Mar 18, 2011nicoleken  Opwijk
17"Cartagena"Feb 24, 2011clintb2000  Wilmington
18"Now on the Menu: Colombia"  52  55Feb 12, 2011richiecdisc  Munich
19"Santa Marta - la magia de tenerlo todo"  1Jan 15, 2011wolfla  Minnesota
20"Colombia"  1Nov 21, 2010Fluffy_bunny  Caracas
21"Columbia-A Country of Contrasts"  3Nov 11, 2010wrldtrvlr3341  Orlando
22"My short vacation to Cartegna Columbia"  4Oct 10, 2010jwilliams2005  Ohio
23"Colombia remains dangerous"Oct 3, 2010atlas1975  World
24"Colombia"Sep 23, 2010malianrob  Los Angeles
25"Our Birth Place"  3Aug 1, 2010Viajareslomejor2010  San Diego
26"GOING TO VISIT JULY 16-JULY 31"Jul 8, 2010nycvideojunky  New York City
27"GAIRA V.I.P"Jun 8, 2010gairavip  New York
28"colombia"Jun 6, 2010anapaulalago  World
29"Colombia es Pasion! (Colombia is Passion!)"  2May 13, 2010NewYorkerGuy  New York City
30"LET ME TAKE YOU ON A SEA CRUISE"  1Feb 23, 2010GAIL-THE-VA  Karlsruhe
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