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1"weekends at Neuschwanstein Castle"  7  25May 29, 2014brendareed  Europe
2"Over the edge on the way to Neuschwanstein"  10  20Apr 9, 2014richiecdisc  Munich
3"The masterpiece of a mystic man"  21  68Jul 1, 2013Trekki   Germany
4"Neuschwanstein"  2  13Sep 20, 2012lotharscheer  Vienna
5"Fairy Tale Castle"  3Apr 27, 2012black_mimi99  France
6"A DREAM COME TRUE!"  9  19Sep 16, 2011balhannah  Brisbane
7"Disney"  3Oct 26, 2010NomadicWorld  Warrington
8"Newschwanstein Castle"  9Sep 29, 2010balfor  Atlanta
9"Hohenschwangau"  1Sep 13, 2010alancollins   Banbury
10"Neuschwanstein Castle"  3Sep 9, 2010GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
11"Welcome to Neuschwanstein !"  1  33Aug 12, 2010loja  Estonia
12"Mad King Ludwig's unfinished castle"  11Jun 4, 2010lifeisatrip  Joshua Tree
13"The Noble Neuschwanstein......"  4  19Oct 9, 2009Maryimelda  Brisbane
14"A fairy tale castle"  1Aug 3, 2009spanishguy  Sevilla
15"Füssen, Hohenschwangau, and Neuschwanstein"  3Feb 8, 2009flyingscot4  Kingsport
16"Castle of my dreams"  1Aug 31, 2008timada  Constanta
17"My Schloss Neuschwanstein"May 26, 2008robertbaum  Yokohama
18"Welcome to magic world of Ludwig II"  11  20Dec 4, 2007ruki  Belgrade
19"Schloss Neuschwanstein"  1Nov 8, 2007kawanua  Los Angeles
20"Maybe the most magnificent in All of Europe"  9  19Nov 4, 2007BruceDunning  Huntsville
21"This Fair-Tale Castle"  4Oct 17, 2007tuff  San Francisco
22"Neuschwanstien Castle"  3Oct 16, 2007RobS  Salt Lake City
23"romantic, beautiful but crowded"  3Oct 14, 2007violett  Munich
24"Disney's Inspiration"  1Sep 26, 2007simonrkeen  London
25"Neuschwanstein"  3Sep 3, 2007andilek  Bratislava
26"Schloss Neuschwanstein: the fairy tale castle"  1Sep 2, 2007Cristian_Uluru  Italy
27"Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles"Jun 9, 2007chronusfree68  Cambridge
28"Neuschwanstein Castle"  1May 4, 2007MLW20  Brooklyn
29"Neuschwanstein"  1Mar 26, 2007Manara  Parma
30"Schloss Neuschwanstein"  2Jan 24, 2007pgj579  Bamberg
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