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1"Singapore"  2  15Nov 26, 2014shannsow  Penang
2"Singapore"  1Nov 25, 2014Gili_S  Europe
3"Singapore"  3  12Apr 10, 2014Drever  Ayr
4"Singapore"Feb 14, 2014wiseman824  World
5"Singapore"Feb 2, 2014citytrip  Sheffield
6"A lush forest in a concrete jungle: SIN GA PO RE!!"  3Jan 22, 2014white_smallstar  Piemonte
7"Modern city with a cultural touch"  1Dec 19, 2013RinitaD  Singapore
8"Perfect for a short stop"  1  5Nov 7, 2013Tobbelkp  Linköping
9"A quick Singapore fling"  3Oct 17, 2013BlueLlama  Manchester
10"Uniquely Singapore!"  5  8Aug 12, 2013Sharvin  World
11"A beautiful City-State"  1Aug 10, 2013Rupanworld  Kolkata (Calcutta)
12"SINGAPORE,Pearl of SAE"  1Jul 8, 2013youngsn116  China
13"Singapore cool"  1  6Jun 6, 2013Archie2013  Tilburg
14"Singapore"  2Jun 5, 2013peter216  Liverpool
15"Singapore"  2May 15, 2013aicebreaker  Makati
16"Singapore"  1  1May 9, 2013Aunt_Bertha  Europe
17"The island nation of Singapore"  5  18Apr 28, 2013gwened  Pluvigner
18"SINGAPORE"  1  6Apr 13, 2013Anniko  Brisbane
19"Beige Asia"  1  5Apr 10, 2013Orchid  Melbourne
20"The cleanest country I've seen- Singapore"  1  8Mar 9, 2013MayvelynG  Kawit
21"Singapore Changi Airport"Feb 17, 2013aamirtheking  Mumbai
22"Singapore : a Modern city"  5  17Jan 6, 2013DaHongHua  Malaysia
23"We're Proud of You, SIngapore!"  1  6Dec 3, 2012virtually_cd  Dubai
24"Unraveling Singapore"  1Nov 24, 2012Thesoultraveler_cler  Province of Ifugao
25"SINGAPORE-not really for me"Nov 21, 2012davidjo  Puerto Princesa
26"Hidden places in Singapore"  2  2Oct 1, 2012ErH33  Singapore
27""The Los Angeles" of the Far East"  7  8Sep 30, 2012draguza  Milan
28"Singapore ,"  1  6Aug 25, 2012borhanpour  Kuala Lumpur
29"SENTOSA "ASIA'S FAVOURITE PLAYGROUND" SINGAPORE."  47  237Jul 24, 2012sdq  Karachi
30"Singapore"  3Jun 29, 2012annebreo  Philippines
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