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11"Timor leste"  4  12Dec 16, 2005singosarijo  Pulau Batam
12"Not yet there...I'll fly on the 19th of August"Aug 3, 2005Roberto68  Cairo
13"The newest country in the United Nations"  1  1May 24, 2005jorgejuansanchez   Hospitalet
14"Beautiful Island nostalgic for Portugueses"Nov 2, 2004hn2r  Caxarias
15"TIMOR LESTE"  8  11Oct 31, 2004black_mimi99  France
16"T I M O R - L E S T E : The Unexplored Land"  37  69Oct 13, 2004bkoon  Johor Bahru
17"Timor Lorosae"Sep 22, 2004Where2Now  Brisbane
18"East Timor"  6Mar 26, 2004PORTUGAL-X  Portugal
19"East Timor"  5  10Dec 30, 2003jorgegomes  Lisbon
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21"Beautiful and Rugged"  3  36Oct 1, 2003travelbugchris  Brisbane
22"Indonesia needs to APOLOGIZE!"  5  8Jan 19, 2003LAOWAI  Houston
23" Timor trouble soon over??? "  14  33Aug 29, 2002Yiannis2000  Europe