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8"Scene of the famous Passion Play"  6Oct 14, 2007colin_bramso  Terrigal
9"Nice Oberammergau"  4  18Sep 1, 2007Cristian_Uluru  Italy
10"Home of the Passion Play"  2  4Jul 18, 2007Donna_in_India   New Jersey
11"home of the pledge to God to be saved"  3Jun 14, 2007angiebabe   Xi'an
12"A passionate place"  1May 20, 2007reenby  Glasgow
13"Oberammergau - Home of the passion of Christ play"  1  3Feb 18, 2007hundwalder  Prague
14"Charming Villiage in between castles"  3Apr 4, 2006Madelyn313  Bloomington
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16"OBERAMMERGAU"  2  4Mar 21, 2006JimKnopf  Stuttgart
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18"Schloss Linderhof"  1  3Jan 17, 2006aukahkay  Singapore
19"Oberammergau : an artistic village in the mountain"  1  4Jul 14, 2005ptitetoile  Brussels
20"Oberammergau"Apr 14, 2005kmcq  Princeton
21"Oberammergau"  3Jan 26, 2005Maklin  Saint Petersburg
22"Oberammergau (Town by Ammer river) by Margie Bang"  2Sep 13, 2004MissyWQ  Santa Barbara
23"Oberammergau -the Passion Play and painted houses"  5  7Nov 25, 2003Janni67  Tampere
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