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1"A Day of Visit to the Princess"  2  9Jan 23, 2014pres_16  City of Manila
2"Cecilia's Comfort Inn"Nov 29, 2012beach.addict  World
3"Puerto Princesa City - City in the Forest"  3May 24, 2012marlo.flores  Makati
4"Amazing Underground River"  1  6Oct 22, 2011donnavelasco  Manila
5"Puerto Princesa"  5  3May 19, 2011barbskie  Switzerland
6"in AWE with PALAWAN"  2Feb 27, 2011buenababe  Bacolod City
7"My Memories Of Puerto Princesa"  28  121Feb 20, 2011cyndymc  Province of Laguna
8"Palawan escapade"  8  14May 2, 2010blue_chef  Bulacan
9"Puerto Princesa"  3Apr 23, 2010marc09  Quezon City
10"Puerto Princesa"  1  7Feb 11, 2010Fakfak  Bavaria
11"The Cleanest & Safest City in the Philippines"  1Jan 10, 2010Kisses&Co  New Jersey
12"Simply Puerto Princesa"  14  24Jul 20, 2009Cielo_Algaeed  Riyadh
13"Pampered at Puerto Princesa"  19  16Jun 17, 2009lilhermione08  City of Manila
14"Sports-Tourism"May 2, 2009svshooter  Puerto Princesa
15"Brine Slosh in Palawan"Dec 2, 2008misericordia  Manila
16"lost in transition"  1  1Nov 11, 2008kiddoc58  Brigantine
17"Puerto Princesa City, Palawan"  7Nov 11, 2008lesleenatividad  Calamba
18"The Beautiful Green City of Puerto Princesa"  1Aug 13, 2008lissatagum  San Pedro
19"Puerto Princesa - the gateway to heaven"  1Jul 31, 2008aesopiloilo  Philippines
20"Puerto Princesa"Jul 22, 2008ualcajx  Manila
21"Land of beautiful safe harbour, PA-LAO-YU (Palawan"  1  8Jun 12, 2008Deriuz  Manila
22"So, this is Puerto??!?"  6  5Jun 1, 2008GenuinelyCurious  Oakland
23"Puerto Princesa, Palawan: The Rainy Season Version"  1  8May 22, 2008kimshouts  San Pedro
24"A hectic town in a beautiful place"  1  1Apr 29, 2008CarlGustaf  Malmö
25"A friendly and laid back town in Palawan"  1Apr 9,  Singapore
26"WELCOME TO PUERTO PRINCESA CITY!"  19  22Mar 26, 2008janbonivic  Puerto Princesa City
27"Bustling center of Palawan"  2  3Mar 2, 2008DSwede  Whangarei
28"Puerto Princesa"  3Jan 18, 2008BMer  White Rock
29"Puerto Princesa"  4  9Dec 10, 2007crimson722  Philippines
30"The way I always dream the Philippines could be..."  1  3Oct 25, 2007emboll33  City of Manila
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