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1"CHURCHES OF TARLAC"  7Jan 29, 2012pres_16  City of Manila
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3"Visiting Tarlac"  6  19Jul 13, 2010miguel_arcangel  City of Manila
4"Mount Pinatubo Adventure Trek"  1Dec 8, 2008ngyaaaw  Quezon City
5"The Pinatubo Adventure. Baw."  6  21May 4, 2008danaiskra  Manila
6"TARLAC"  3Jan 22, 2008scarletf  Pasig
7"A Peek at Crow Valley"  3Apr 14, 2007bembem  Philippines
8"Be Entertained at Isdaan Floating Restaurant"  3  9Apr 17, 2006yellowbell  Denver