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9"Albay is Mayon and Mayon is Albay"  16  32Jun 15, 2008Yla  Province of Pampanga
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11"Province of Albay"  4  8Mar 25, 2008monina_c  Sariaya
12"Albay"  2  5Oct 30, 2007reeya  Philippines
13"Place of Wonder!"  6  26May 5, 2007limledi  Cebu Island
14"Byaheng Albay"  20  67Aug 28, 2006i-s-a  Province of Bataan
15"The Wonders Of Albay"  1Jul 22, 2006jgacis  Alhambra
16"Home Sweet Home"  1Feb 4, 2006Juds  Quezon City
17"Albay is Magayon"  8  26Nov 15, 2005bike_packer  Philippines
18"Majestic Mayon"  9  10Nov 7, 2005asianbelle  Manila
19"Mayon Volcano and its History"  3Jan 14, 2005Minnieg  San Francisco
20"Albay has a lot of tourist spot"  8Dec 30, 2004nodnerbsao13  Province of Albay
21"Mayon Volcano"Mar 27, 2004Jeannkelly  Rome
22"Mayon Volcano"  1  11Sep 12, 2002mlt_t  Manila