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5"Olongapo where home, sea and beers...."  3Jun 24, 2008Snowball27  Olongapo City
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7"Baloy Beach Strip in Olongapo City"  4  7Jul 1, 2007sherleh  Province of Antique
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10"Olongapo City"  8  10Mar 25, 2006faboo  Lacey
11"A LONG TIME AGO AND FAR FAR AWAY"Oct 22, 2005D&ZP  Jamestown
12"Hotel Marmont"  30  52Aug 17, 2005rich_celine  Oslo
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14"At Subic's Ocean Adventure Park"  3Jan 29, 2004sweet_sentiments  Philadelphia
15"I LIVE here"  42  65Oct 16, 2003namiewa  Vancouver
16"Navy Life"Sep 27, 2003Kai2U  Zhuhai
17"wElCoMe To My OlOnGaPo PaGe!"  18  16Sep 10, 2002mlt_t  Philippines