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1"The place I always go to relax"Nov 25, 2013JesseB14  Pasig
2"For Baguio Stays and trips tips - ask me. :)"Oct 13, 2012JRPucz  Baguio
3"I love the Philippines...Baguio City"  1  4Sep 3, 2012DrPJ  Balanga
4"City of Pines"  3Jun 29, 2012annebreo  Philippines
5"Baguio City"  3Jun 7, 2012elhombre30  Makati
6"CITY OF PINES"  4  14Feb 10, 2012miccaela  City of Manila
7"Baguio City Ocular"  1Dec 24, 2011wanderingspice  Marikina
8"Baguio City - It's a "cool" place"  14  51Nov 11, 2011semper.max  Quezon City
9"Mines View"  18Jun 20, 2011zschachwitz  World
10"Reminiscing Baguio"Apr 15, 2011caringkeng  Province of Tarlac
11"the summer capital of Phil"  3Jan 4, 2011jurane_21  Manila
12"Baguio TRip - First time"  3Dec 26, 2010paolodecastro  Calumpit
13"Visiting Baguio"  2  10Jun 23, 2010miguel_arcangel  City of Manila
14"Cool Baguio"  15  15Apr 13, 2010asianbelle  Manila
15"Baguio - The City of Pines"  1Dec 20, 2009s_alejandrino  Manila
16"Baguio City"  3Nov 18, 2009Penelope4  Vienna
17"Summer Capital of the Philippines"  8  58Nov 11, 2009kemisteryoso  Winnipeg
18"Feeling the Breeze of Baguio City"  2Oct 26, 2009Nhess  Manila
19"BAGUIO CITY HERE I COME !"  1  3Oct 18, 2009daydreamer111  Manila
20"baguio city the summer capital of the philippines"  3Oct 7, 2009frangie  Banga
21"Baguio City, Philippines"  17  44Jul 14, 2009enail  World
22"Baguio"  7  19Mar 2, 2009danaiskra  Manila
23"Baguio Today"  29  117Mar 1, 2009cyndymc  Province of Laguna
24"Baguio - my favorite place when I was a kid"  4  6Sep 14, 2008jumpingnorman  Phoenix
25"Baguio City!"  1Sep 8, 2008mrosanes5  Manila
26"Home of the Philippine Military Academy"Aug 13, 2008tanamay  Mauban
27"the mansion in baguio city philippines"  1  3Jul 15, 2008keeperlit  Belfast
28"Family fun in Baguio"  1  3May 14, 2008barbskie  Switzerland
29"The Summer Capital of the Philippines"  1  3May 7, 2008bojomacaraig  Quezon City
30"Baguio City"  2  8Apr 29, 2008DarleneCMF  Makati
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