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1"My Country. My Philippines"  6Sep 10, 2014Brahmineyes  Makati
2"Philippine Dive Trip"  2May 16, 2014mrserious  Victoria
3"Over 7000 Islands - The Philippines"  1  4Feb 28, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
4"SOJOURNS IN THE ARCHIPELAGO"  15  56Feb 24, 2014mtncorg  Portland
5"Welcome to my Philippines page."  3Feb 4, 2014Madasabull  Warrington
6"Philippines"  3Feb 4, 2014shashibelle  Philippines
7"The Philippines: My Home Forever"  1Dec 3, 2013dianebygo  Quezon City
8"This is my beloved country"  3Nov 27, 2013johnlovesme  Las Pinas
9"closer than you think"  2  9Oct 25, 2013MURRA  Toronto
10"Philippine - From Manila With LOVE"  1Jul 27, 2013Emily2410  Vietnam
11"Chill out time."  9  20Jul 9, 2013IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
12"Mambukal Mountain Resort - Negros Occidental"  2Jul 8, 2013MichelleM51  Province of Negros Occidental
13"Philippines"  1  6May 15, 2013aicebreaker  Makati
14"“Tara na, byahe tayo!” (Come, let’s travel!)"  2May 15, 2013aice  Makati
15"Embarcadero de Legazpi, Bicol PH"  3May 12, 2013mavymavs  World
16"Green Islands"  1May 3, 2013supune  Carson
17"20days Philippines"Feb 28, 2013sammychin  Pulau Langkawi
18"The Philippines."  1  3Dec 11, 2012skullcrusher  Oakland
19"South America in Asia"Sep 18, 2012mcmac22002  Szczecin
20"Antipolo Hotel,Resort and Convention Center"  1Aug 31, 2012cloud9rlc  Antipolo
21"Philippines- A nation rich in history"  11  114Aug 27, 2012das123my  Kuala Lumpur
22"Pub Crawl Manila"  3Jul 11, 2012hustin  World
23"boracay"  2Jul 2, 2012travelera  Philippines
24"Lake Sebu South Cotabato"  3Jun 29, 2012annebreo  Philippines
25"RESORT"Jun 14, 2012maria43  World
26"The Virgin Island - Anawangin Cove Zambales"  1May 14, 2012MissAu  Dubai
27"Nagsasa Cove 2012 Trip"  1Apr 11, 2012sheryl_iman  Manila
28"PHILIPPINES---ISLANDS, MOUNTAINS & FRIENDLY PEOPLE"  183  236Apr 7, 2012davidjo  Puerto Princesa
29"Philippines-one of my home Countries ;-)"  9  46Mar 7, 2012kharmencita  Germany
30"Philippines"  2Feb 19, 2012TrendsetterME  Istanbul
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