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1"Sun and sea at Xania"  3  34Dec 14, 2013Irena_Romeva  Skopje
2"Around the Venetian Harbour"  2  9Mar 29, 2013Orchid  Melbourne
3"Chania, Crete"Nov 6, 2012citytrip  Sheffield
4"Chania, Crete, Greece"  1  8Nov 2, 2012SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
5"Getting Your Tourist Feet Wet in Chania"  21  79Aug 31, 2012painterdave  Padova
6"Chania"  1Aug 3, 2012hotsauce28  Toronto
7"Chania"  1Dec 7, 2011Zirpsis  Stockholm
8"CHANIA"  1Oct 12, 2010SandiMandi  Finland
9"A Picturesque journey of history and romance"  10Mar 21, 2010jgacis  Alhambra
10"Chania, old and new"  5  16Nov 17, 2009Martin_S.  Arad
11"Crete's second city"  2Nov 13, 2008etfromnc  Matthews
12"Chania"  9Jul 5, 2008Aitana  Alicante
13"Sunset over Hania by the sea"  3May 29, 2008angiebabe  London
14"Picturesque Chania"  1  1May 4, 2008mardaska  Athens
15"Chania, Hania, Xania..."  3  1Jan 3, 2008Col21  Preston
16"The wonderous sunsets of Chania"  5  12Sep 14, 2007rsleisk  Texas
17"THE "Historical Capital" of Crete!"  18Aug 31, 2007INSULARIUS  Athens
18"Chania"  1  4Jul 11, 2007JohnAugustine  Kristiansand
19" Crete Jawnuta & Santo 2006 "  18  78Apr 6, 2007Jawnuta  New York City
20"Little Venice in Greece!"  7  13Feb 19, 2007angelundercover  Melbourne
21"CRETE-CHANIA..."  2Oct 30, 2006papadakispaul  Prefecture of Chania
22"The Old Port"  1  8Sep 16, 2006ahaspap  Chalkis
23"We stayed longer than scheduled in Chania"  1Sep 13, 2006SurfaceTravel  London
24"Chania, Crete 2004"  1Aug 14, 2006KingSeany  Ösmo
25"Chania"  9  20Jun 26, 2006Vikingwoman  Norway
26"Chania"Mar 23, 2006globetrotter06  Manly
27"Chania"  5Jan 1, 2006raultram  Cluj-Napoca
28"Chania...just right!"  6  12Jun 23, 2005Wingshot  Austin
29"Earth is a beauty, enjoy it while it lasts"  4  4May 19, 2005Tinternetterke  Lier
30"Nice, when off the touristy parts:)!"  1Feb 25, 2005Spader  Oslo
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