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1"Ayia Napa"  2  13Mar 31, 2014Avieira67  Ponta Delgada
2"AYIA NAPA"  15  40Sep 14, 2012gugi66  Stockholm
3"Ayia Napa"  1Oct 18, 2011Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
4"We went for a different reason to the norm!"  1  10Jul 29, 2011tango_jd  Solihull
5"Ayia Napa, CY"  10Dec 1, 2010dromosapien  Faribault
6"There is more than just the famous Party-scene !"  19  87Nov 6, 2010globetrott  Vienna
7"Ayia Napa"  5  12Jul 14, 2010Coolhour  World
8"PARADISE-LIKE BEACHES - NIGHT LIFE & FUN."  42  95Apr 13, 2010greekcypriot   Greece
9"Where the Crowds gather"  1Dec 8, 2009percy961  Pissouri
10"Ayia Napa"  1Dec 3, 2009grzegorz777  Chyzne
11"My Ayia Napa Homepage"  1Oct 28, 2008freddie18  Toronto
12"A REALLY BLUE MEDITERRANEAN !"  2  9Jun 14, 2008WStat  Vienna
13"ayia napa"  2Mar 16, 2008calmme  World
14"Relaxing beach holiday"  1  2Dec 13, 2007orix  Netanya
15"Blue days and hot nights in Ayia Napa"  5  5Nov 18, 2007gigina  Malta
16"Ayia Napa 2007"  3Oct 13, 2007DaveWeaver70  Warrington
17"Fun place to be!"  3Sep 23, 2007exotique18  Arlington
18"Turquoise clear waters and crazy nightlife"  1Sep 6, 2007Aggeliki  Athens
19"Not my kind of place, really."  2  16Jul 12, 2007planxty  London
20"The Eternal Sunshine and the Turquoise Sea"  6  12May 22, 2007om_212  Kiev
21"Celebrating the end of school with friends"May 4, 2007Heluna  Koria
22"Beach and Discos"  2  7Mar 20, 2007tashka  Dubai
23"Holidays as a teenager....."Jan 30, 2007croatia2006  Helsinki
24"Party Crazy yet can be relaxing."  1Nov 7, 2006WSHAK  Nottingham
25"Beautiful Beaches"  1Oct 27, 2006Bullabong  Letchworth
26"Ayia NApa"  1Sep 19, 2006dragmar  Nis
27"Aiya Napa, Aiya Napa, Aiya Napa!"  7  3Jul 31, 2006Holmezzi  Manchester
28"Ayia Napa - beach and boogie!"  9  12Jul 13, 2006glamourprincess  Oslo
29"NAPA NAPA NAPA NAPA!!!!"Jul 9, 2006blondjennifer  England
30"Ayia Napa"  2Apr 19, 2006intertraveler  World
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