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1"Falls...Falls and many more Falls"  10  49Jul 20, 2014shavy  Ieper
2"Plitvicka jesera park"  5  27Dec 9, 2013MITNIC  Athens
3"Water Water Everywhere"  3Nov 29, 2013Cockleshell  Preston
4"THE INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL WATERFALLS OF PLITVICE"  28  109Feb 23, 2012balhannah   Brisbane
5"work of water in myriads of forms"  8  28Sep 27, 2010picek  Slovenia
6"National Parks Plitvice Lakes"  3  13Aug 30, 2010aukahkay  Singapore
7"Croatia's No.1 national park"  1  3Apr 13, 20107_seconds  Croatia
8"Plitvicka Jezera National Park"  10  30Nov 21, 2009Redang  Madrid
9"Plitvicka Jezera National Park"  1  35Nov 7, 2009skatzcatz  Darwin
10"plitvice lakes"  3Aug 30, 2009hanspeter_W.  Zürich
11"Paradise on Earth"  5  6Mar 14, 2009adema29  Brasov
12"The Plitvice Lakes"  3Nov 5, 2008citytrip  Sheffield
13"Plitvice"  26Oct 26, 2008thelittlevoice  Bangkok
14"Plitvicka Jezera National Park"  1  4Oct 7, 2008xdescendx  New Jersey
15"How beautiful !"  2Aug 26, 2008AyurinHiro  Osaka
16"Wonderful Nature: Plitvicka"  1  6Aug 11, 2008alpi  Istanbul
17"Oldest Croatian National park"  1Feb 25, 2008Iksi  Split
18"Plitvice - Feast for the eyes"  3Oct 18, 2007pc6609  Gatineau
19"Paradise"  6  9Sep 26, 2007TheaIren  Shannon
20"Emerald Blue Lakes"  5  24Jul 28, 2007monkeytrousers  Oxford
21"Plitvicka Jezera - Stunning natural beauty"  1Jul 8, 2007rsean  Edinburgh
22"For seekers of well preserved nature"  4  14Jun 18, 2007muratkorman  Brussels
23"Plitvicka Jezera"  1  6Jun 10, 2007Vanity666  Didcot
24"Plitvice Lakes National Park"Feb 17, 2007JadeDVM  Okemos
25"Plitvicka NP - lakes, waterfalls and forest"  1Jan 29, 2007croatia2006  Helsinki
26"Plitvicka Jezera- the gem of Croatia"  3Sep 2, 2006jglsongs  New York City
27"Ideal place for those who love unspoilt nature ;)"  3Aug 28, 2006Wioolcia  Gdansk
28"Croatian jewel"  3  3Aug 7, 2006cibalia  Vinkovci
29"Plitvice Lakes & Waterfalls - A National Treasure"  11  41Jun 8, 2006Mikebb  Perth
30"The most popular Croatian national park - Plitvice"  2  13Oct 19, 2005Gligoroff  Podgorica
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