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1"You have to visit this great town-museum!"  3  15Sep 19, 2011Ivo_K  Sofia
2"Koprivshtitsa"  8  31Jun 19, 2011Penelope4   Vienna
3"My preference"  5  24May 28, 2011wandeljp   Dadizele
4"The most revivel Bularian city"  14  32Jul 9, 2008mirchica   Plovdiv
5"A Jewel in the Mountains"  9  70Jun 13, 2006ChristinaNest   Sofia
6"A tipical bulgarian town"  5  14Jan 3, 2006zizu  Pasajes de San Juan
7"Cute little town in the mountains of Bulgaria"  1  3Jan 1, 2006Tom_In_Madison  Madison
8"A Bulgarian Renaissance Jewel"  1  4Mar 21, 2005katezr  Santa Fe
9"Renaissance Bulgaria at its best"  1Mar 10, 2005Assenczo  Ottawa
10"One of the historical places in Bulgaria"  2Jan 28, 2005peter_dimov  Sofia
11"The heart of the National Revival"  52  71Dec 2, 2003ger4444  Netherlands
12"Bulgaria's Treasure Chest"  1  2Jun 11, 2003Joya  Sofia
13"Town-Museum"  3Sep 26, 2002Scarlie  Sofia
14"Koprivshtitsa"  1  4Sep 7, 2002denise_BG  Sofia