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1"Welcome to Taiwan"  11  36Jan 3, 2014walterwu   Singapore
2"little island full of natural wonders nice food"  2  5Oct 6, 2013hanspeter_W.  Zürich
3"Formosa"  11  48Mar 21, 20136aruna  State of Kerala
4"Formosa"  5  28Jan 27, 2013Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
5"Kenting - beach, sunshine, surfing and more"  3Oct 8, 2012TammyL18  Hong Kong
6"The better China"Sep 18, 2012mcmac22002  Szczecin
7"Tech-Mall, a city paradise in Taiwan"Aug 21, 2012allensu0212  World
8"Taiwan - A beautiful island"  6  99Jun 30, 2012DaHongHua  Malaysia
9"The place where I grow up!"Apr 27, 2012syl6108  Taiwan
10"A quick connection in Taiwan"  1Apr 24, 2012Gypsystravels  United States of America
11"Taiwan in 1.5 days!"  1Feb 14, 2012purplefeet  Manila
12"Thrilling Trip to Taiwan"  1  6Nov 24, 2011leahdominguiano  Singapore
13"To Taiwan on your own ( Part 2 )"  3  13Nov 16, 2011choong1948  World
14"Taiwan Inside Out"  4  19Nov 3, 2011limkahwan  Penang
15"Taiwan"  1  3May 25, 2011sweetmm  Malaysia
16"Taiwan"  3Apr 5, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
17"The Unknown Island"  20Feb 24, 2011Taipeier  World
18"Jumping in Taiwan!"  3Feb 18, 2011jumpingnorman  Phoenix
19"Taiwan: Small island with friendly, honest people"  2  8Jan 28, 2011rkearns  Vieques
20"my blog on taiwan trip"Nov 9, 2010kaiyung  World
21"Taiwan"  1Sep 26, 2010Badodge  Hollywood
22"Fun Taiwan :D"  4  9Sep 3, 2010hamgu77  Singapore
23"Taiwan"  3  5Aug 25, 2010LindaChuang  Vietnam
24"Huan yin ni lai Taiwan"  3Aug 23, 2010stimix  Kuala Lumpur
25"Taiwan"  1Aug 16, 2010Fluffy_bunny  Caracas
26"Discover Taiwan"  1Apr 30, 2010Hesus  Miami
27"Tiawan - on the 'favourite short breaks' list"  1Apr 25, 2010TLThom  Incheon
28"Do the Taiwan Hustle"  3  18Mar 10, 2010xymmot  Richmond
29"8 Days in Taiwan"  1Nov 22, 2009edelng  Singapore
30"Taiwan, the most beautiful Chinese province"  3  15Sep 11, 2009ntm2322  Macao
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