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1"Business or Pleasure?"  16  66Feb 15, 2014muratkorman  Istanbul
2"Shanghai--XiAn--Shanghai"  3Dec 19, 2013conniechong  Shanghai
3"A Chinese city so different from all other cities"  2  4Sep 3, 2013KaterinaJordan  Athens
4"So many Chinese in Shanghai :)"  1  8Apr 2, 2013Travelerja  Luleå
5"Another Asian miracle"Jul 11, 2011Fjordline  Shanghai Shi
6"10 days in Shanghai"  14  23May 24, 2010RockyDaniels  Sebastopol
7"Shanghai and Other places in PRC"  1May 2, 2010jmzx  United Kingdom
8"Shanghai - paradise or hell"Jan 27, 2010yxgxyz  World
9"The Wonders of Shanghai"  1  8Jun 2, 2009GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
10"Winter in Shanghai 2008"Apr 5, 2009rtaye  North Sydney
11"Seeing Shirley in Shanghai"  11  25Oct 19, 2008i-s-a  Province of Bataan
12"Modern City & Old Town"  2Oct 10, 2008Goodluck0428  Beijing Shi
13"Shanghai China"  11  19Jul 17, 2008Fullmoonfever  Indiana
14"Day one in Shanghai"  3Jun 7, 2008santamonicaboy  Shanghai Shi
15"Shanghai"  3Jun 4, 2008Helenbb  Shanghai Shi
16"Shanghai Reunion"  3Mar 25, 2008Strad  New York City
17"Shanghai"  1Feb 2, 2008marlonpasilon  Manila
18"Shanghai"  3Jan 25, 2008vero_lladoc  Manila
19"2 Days In Shanghai"  1Dec 28, 2007blacksnail  Bandar Seri Begawan
20""Paradise of western adventurers""Dec 27, 2007we2364  New York City
21"This site is under construction"  4  2Sep 6, 2007mychina  Shanghai Shi
22"Shanghai Visit"Aug 21, 2007ralphs  Karlsruhe
23"Pudong, Shanghai"  27  49May 28, 2007Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
24"Bright Lights of Shanghai"  10  16Feb 18, 2007yellowbell  Denver
25"Shanghai - I was only there for 12 hours."  2  10Feb 8, 2007exitnotebook  Brantford
26"Shanghai"  9  1Feb 4, 2007touraco  Singapore
27"Under Construxtion"  2Oct 29, 2006mcgruff75044  Dallas
28"Moved to Shanghai page"  4Oct 7, 2006MikeySoft  Boston
29"Shanghai with Gab"Aug 20, 2006weishu  Singapore
30"China - Shanghai"  3Aug 17, 2006u_share_i_share  Kuala Lumpur
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