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1"Never attempt to drive to Hohhot - take the train."  3Apr 16, 2011explorer001  Kuala Lumpur
2"Inner Mongolia decaffeinated"Jul 2, 2009jorgejuansanchez   Hospitalet
3"Xilamuren, Inner Mongolia"  10Nov 28, 2008tenluk  Jakarta
4"Sai Han Ba Grassland"  3Jun 7, 2008a.amadio  Beijing
5"you take my breath away..."  12  20May 11, 2007liemel225   Bacolod City
6"Inner Mongolia"  20Oct 12, 2005Katie&Jordi  Girona
7"My Exotic Hothot, Inner Mogolia"  14  39Jul 14, 2005JuraidahJ  Singapore
8"Didn't Like What I Saw"  7May 9, 2005bretvanness  Big Sandy
9"Hear the Sound of Resonant Sand!"  1Dec 16, 2004Rachelynn  Singapore
10"Inner Mongolia"  3Nov 29, 2004cafemilk  Taipei
11"Inner Mongolia trip"  3Sep 24, 2004Alain_Spider  Beijing
12"Nei menggu: the place beyond the wall"  3  3Aug 25, 2004mke1963  London
13"All the places left behind..........."  5  6Aug 6, 2004sugarpuff  Gibraltar
14"My most adventurous trip yet !"May 12, 2004gwensfomap  San Mateo
15"The part of Mongolia that still is communist"Dec 11, 2003mongoliantraveler  Houston
16"Monghol Warrior's"  6  9Nov 19, 2003Acore_Beauty_4_U_Luv  Paradise