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1"Brugge - Party Town for Sheep"  3Mar 2, 2012AussieBarney  Australia
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6"Charm Personified"  1  1May 18, 2011eversure  Bacolod City
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8"I visit once in a while"  6  49Feb 5, 2011ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
9"Beutiful Brugge"  1Oct 28, 2010klasher  San Marcos
10"BRUGGE"  1Oct 3, 2009MariusJ  Port Elizabeth
11"Brugge"  32  52Jul 8, 2009mvtouring  South Africa
12"beautifull mid-eveil city"  3Jun 2, 2007erminus  Delft
13"Oh the chocolate!"  36May 19, 2007Sibbella  Windsor
14"Magic Brugge: where fairytales seem true"  1  2Apr 7, 2007Silvi07a  Paraná
15"Brugge, Belgium"  4  9Aug 24, 2006royalempress  Whidbey Island