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1"Mons in French....Bergen in Flemish"  25  95Aug 22, 2015shavy  Ieper
2"Mons Belguim"  6  12Sep 14, 2014alectrevor  York
3"MON'S - WELL WORTH A STOP!"  10  25Jan 20, 2012balhannah    Brisbane
4"Mons and Dance"  14  61Nov 8, 2011solopes  Turquel
5"A charming place"  21  79Aug 25, 2008viddra  Kikinda
6"Mons Belgium"May 16, 2008DanielleH  New York City
7"Mons"  1Sep 23, 2007Dumpling  United Kingdom
8"A city on a hill that inspired Hugo and van Gogh"  5  6Aug 29, 2007annase  Leeds
9"MONS"  1Jun 5, 2007Cidricu  Urbino
10"mY mONS PAGE"  3Aug 22, 2006budapest8  Ekensberg
11"Mons and Surroundings"  2Feb 26, 2006oneshadeofred  World
12"University and NATO Town"  1Jan 24, 2006hartti  Turku
13"Meeting Mons"  2Aug 12, 2005irisbe  Antwerp
14"Les Gilles...."  1  6Jun 21, 2005denisbulle  Paris
15"The Grand Hornu"  3Jan 11, 2005zinneke  Brussels
16"Mons and the Doudou"  18  27Sep 15, 2004Muya  Sirault
17"The city of the dragon !"  1May 25, 2004Bigjones  Brussels
18"Life in Mons and the Doudou"  1Apr 14, 2004decourtenay  Charleroi
19"Enjoy to stroll around"  25  33Jun 7, 2003Mahieu  Belfast
20"Charming Mons"  23  9Apr 17, 2003Norali  Antananarivo
21"Mons"  1  2Feb 20, 2003AGBAT  New Mexico
22"Mons, Belgium"  1  1Jan 24, 2003TinKan  Hereford
23"A Microcosm Of Larger European Cities"  20  23Jan 2, 2003lmkluque  San Diego
24"Mons, the heart of my student life ;-)"  16  15Dec 31, 2002Djinn76  Tournai
25"Mons, a medieval town with strong traditions!"  24  37Oct 17, 2002ptitetoile  Brussels
26"Mons"  14  42Sep 2, 2002DanielF  Europe
27"JRambo's new Mons Page"  5May 4, 2002JRambo  Saudi Arabia
28"TOURNAI"  1Jan 13, 2002billus  Philadelphia
29"Whythistime's new Mons Page"  1May 22, 2001Whythistime  World
30"larsy's Mons Page"  22  23Oct 2, 2000larsy  Texas
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