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1"Alberta Has Something for Everyone"  11  48Sep 7, 2014shavy  Ieper
2"~ Alberta ~"  3Dec 9, 2013RavensWing  Edmonton
3"home sweet home"Jul 7, 2012kandyb3  Lloydminster
4"Banff"  2  5Jun 23, 2012lara1962  Germany
5"Alberta, Canada"  3  5Oct 27, 2011Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
6"A Land of Contrasts"Oct 26, 2011glabah  Lents
7"going to British columbia"  3Sep 26, 2011jewel29  General Tinio
8"Home of Cowboys & Mountains!"  1  6Apr 3, 2011spidermiss  Leeds
9"Amazing Alberta - We only had 10 days"  8  9Oct 17, 2010amandajayne81  Stanthorpe
10"A Lot of Everything"  3Oct 10, 2010DSwede  Corpus Christi
11"Around Alberta"  8Jul 2, 2010gman17  Calgary
12"Alberta; Along the way to..."  30Jun 13, 2010twilightmuse  Black Diamond
13"Stunning Canada"  1Feb 7, 2010ellierae  Sheffield
14"Alberta"May 21, 2009taryn21  Altona
15"Grande Prairie, Alberta"May 16, 2009ayejoy  Grande Prairie
16"Canada simply stunning!!!!"  3Jan 15, 2009johnfromoz  Brighton
17"Rocky Mountain High"  3Oct 8, 2008megolodon  Edinburgh
18"Calgary"Aug 29, 2008jodifox  Savannah
19"Cold Lake Canada"Aug 8, 2008bnova  Lincoln
20"Expensive City with nothing to offer"May 30, 2008tdobb  Danvers
21"From Dinosaurs to Rodeos to Panning for Gold"  1  8May 18, 2008myrmidon  Arkansas
22"Banff Ski and Snowboard Trip"  3Feb 3, 2008Dldawson  Palatka
23"Banff"  3Jan 29, 2008tracy.stopard  Toronto
24"Banff"Jan 4, 2008Bodhidano  Denver
25"ALBERTA CANADA"  16  18Jan 2, 2008balhannah  Brisbane
26"Snowboarding in Banff!!"  3Dec 20, 2007lastgunn  Miami
27"Parks and wildlife of Alberta"  2  5Dec 14, 2007omehes  Calgary
28"My Home Sweet Home"  3Nov 18, 2007brandon101  Philippines
29"canmore is this what heaven might look like"Nov 14, 2007manitobacote  Richer
30"Beautiful Alberta"  2Oct 15, 2007DueSer  Los Angeles
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