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1"Under construction - please be patient."  1  2Jul 1, 2014planxty  London
2"Pharmacy SOP Standard Operating Procedures"Apr 8, 2014thomusrose  World
3"A Holland America Cruise from Quebec, Canada"Feb 12, 2014unamcay  Aberdeen
4"Here we come!"Dec 15, 2013jojes  Tongeren
5"Idaho, USA to BC, Canada"  1  4Nov 20, 2013JulieJueletha  Johnstown
6"Canada"  14  73Aug 28, 2013Jim_Eliason  Arlington
7"Land of the Maple Leaf"  3Aug 11, 2013Orchid  Melbourne
8"Canada!"  1  1Apr 28, 2013girlie1208  Middlesbrough
9"Canada 2010"Mar 4, 2013Krisanne  Canberra
10"So near and yet so far . . ."  3Feb 15, 2013Beausoleil  Sacramento
11"UP ON A LEDGE"Jan 25, 2013V.T.FLAG  Marbella
12"BEAUTIFUL CANADA"Jan 6, 2013balhannah  Brisbane
13"Winter of '12 in Canada"  2Jan 3, 2013alycat  Rockville
14"Canada-a Mosaic of different Cultures"  1  6Dec 29, 2012kharmencita  Germany
15"Ontario Highlights!"  7  31Aug 4, 2012Africancrab  Sierra Vista
16"Canada - North America"  1May 14, 2012Luiz  São Paulo
17"Canada"Mar 19, 2012ant1606  Torino
18"000"  1Jan 5, 2012mag627  Toronto
19"Canada 2nd biggest in the world"  1Jan 2, 2012KevinMichael  Niigata
20"Canada"  1Nov 24, 2011amish  Huntington Beach
21"Vancouver - Ottawa - Montreal - Quebec"  3Nov 14, 2011Adagio1  Bundanoon
22"Next to Mom's The Friendliest Place On Earth"  2  12Oct 15, 2011RoscoeGregg  Fort Scott
23"Lots of Places, Vast Diversity"  1Oct 12, 2011glabah  Lents
24"WaRPer's Canada Page"  2Oct 7, 2011WaRPer  Bangkok
25"Nice country a must visit"  1Oct 5, 2011Robin020  Toronto
26"CANADA"  1Oct 2, 2011alyf1961  Leeds
27"Bonio has been to Canada"  1  2Sep 13, 2011bonio  Rowell
28"Niagara"  1Jul 11, 2011sweet_sentiments  Philadelphia
29"Canada"Jun 6, 2011yinlizrd  World
30"Canada"  1  3May 8, 2011Dizzyhead  Eskilstuna
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