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1"Four great faces"  1  8Apr 21, 2013shavy  Ieper
2"Mt Rushmore"  3Aug 1, 2012davidcoss  San Diego
3"UNFORGETABLE GREAT FACES IN MT.RUSHMORE"  1  8Mar 5, 2012kharmencita  Germany
4"Land of greatness."  5  17Jan 10, 2012Toughluck  Valparaiso
5"Sioux Falls"  1Aug 8, 2010alfredfix  Halsteren
6"South Dakota"Nov 13, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
7"South Dakota"  3Oct 3, 2009Randy66  New York City
8"Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills"  3Sep 27, 2009DEBBBEDB  United States of America
9"From the Badlands to the Blackhills"  1  6Aug 25, 2009807Wheaton  Augusta
10"Home Base"Aug 21, 2009blakeweb  South Dakota
11"South Dakota"  2  9Aug 2, 2009lashr1999  New York City
12"South Dakota"  1Jul 5, 2009dhight  Hamilton
13"Badlands National Park"  3Apr 10, 2009Tanukidesu  Boston
14"Worth a Trip"  4  7Jan 27, 2009DueSer  Los Angeles
15"Sturgis 2005"  1Nov 23, 2008travelgirl78  New York City
16"Rushmore Mountains"  1Jun 5, 2008jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
17"South Dakota"  2May 2, 2008moosie1808  McPherson
18"Fun state, great sights."  3Mar 5, 2008Calibanos  Tuckerton
19"South Dakota"  3Mar 1, 2008brandon101  Philippines
20"South Dakota"  2Jan 29, 2008Sage49  Chicago
21"Scenes from South Dakota"  6  18Dec 22, 2007riorich55  Naperville
22"What a Great Time!"  1  1Dec 16, 2007hey_daddy_o  Herminie
23"South Dakota - I feel free here!"Nov 7, 2007BeatChick  Cincinnati
24"ABOUT South Dakota"  1  2Oct 25, 2007fredjr  Winter Haven
25"Welcome to South Dakota"  1Oct 4, 2007scott_norwood  Warrensburg
26"South Dakota - It's not that bad!"  1Sep 18, 2007vador98  Windermere
27"Basaic South Dakota Page"  8  19Jul 16, 2007Basaic  Sierra Vista
28"Take Me Back to The Black Hills"  8  6Jul 15, 2007kop-queen  Coton
29"Black Hills South Dakota"  4  5Jun 14, 2007Mtachiefs  Tonganoxie
30"Home sweet home"May 19, 2007rwdjr37  South Dakota
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