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1"South Carolina"  1Aug 8, 2014KaitlynM  Greenville
2"New Southern Home"  3Dec 8, 2013DSwede  Corpus Christi
3"The closest state where I've never lived."Aug 17, 2013etfromnc  Matthews
4"South Carolina"  7  21Sep 21, 2011ant1606  Torino
5"Lived in Charleston and Currently live in Anderson"  1Jan 19, 2011keywestlover  Anderson
6"south carolina"  1Sep 30, 2010doug48  Orlando
7"South Carolina"  3Jun 18, 2010HSC123  Jacksonville
8"Nothing could be finer."Feb 17, 2010our2jbboys  Raleigh
9"General Sherman's Favorite State!!"  1  4Nov 10, 2009riorich55  Naperville
10"South Carolina"  1Nov 9, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
11"The Spirit of South Carolina"  3Oct 19, 2009Spacemanspiff  Key West
12"Myrtle Beach"  2Apr 9, 2009canadajojo50  Fort Erie
13""Hello Miss Lauren""  1  7Mar 23, 2009Holibags  Glasgow
14"Houses and Food and History"  9  12Feb 17, 2009DueSer  Los Angeles
15"South Carolina, the finer of the Carolina's"Feb 8, 2009laker007  Michigan
16"Charleston"Aug 28, 2008cdean  Tampa
17"Upstate South Carolina"Aug 16, 2008Hykeham  Lincoln
18"SAVANNAH GEORGIA"  1Jul 18, 2008glennhb  California
19"Never again"Apr 5, 2008cahaden  Fort Worth
20"South Carolina"  2Dec 31, 2007texasaussie  Texas
21"Hilon Head Island, SC"  1Nov 23, 2007Keywest9  Saint Petersburg
22"SOUTH CAROLINA"  4  17Oct 12, 2007LoriPori  Windsor
23"Welcome to the Palmetto State"  2  11Oct 9, 2007dlandt  Chicago
24"coastal towns"  1Aug 25, 2007zakdog  Orlando
25"S.C."Aug 17, 2007QuDee  Copenhagen
26"Passing Through South Carolina"  1Aug 2, 2007Dester  Weatherford
27"Basaic South Carolina Page"  3Jul 16, 2007Basaic  Sierra Vista
28"South Carolina General Travel Page"  4  8Jul 1, 2007MatthewMetcalfe  Atlanta
29"i tot it was a second home!"  1May 4, 2007ica_ich  Philippines
30"first time to South Carolina was 2003"  4  11Feb 26, 2007davecallahan  Greece
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