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1"The first state I lived in Mainland United States"  3Nov 11, 2011joiwatani  Seattle
2"Forests and Farm Land on Low Hills"Oct 20, 2011glabah  Lents
3"blizzard...."  3Feb 1, 2011jurane_21  Manila
4"OHIO"  3Jul 11, 2010Rich62  Kearney
5"Ohio"Nov 13, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
6"I Love Ohio"  2Jun 15, 2009Fewf  Swampscott
7"Home of Two of My Favorite People"May 12, 2009LadyRVG  New York State
8"Welcome to Ohio! Starting with Columbus"  1May 10, 2009Phildagr8  Ohio
9"Toledo"Feb 2, 2009himburg  Columbia
10"The Buckeye State"  1Jul 21, 2008Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
11"places seen"Jun 1, 2008ilexa  Adana Ili
12"Cleveland"May 12, 2008mozol  Bodrum
13"A Great State"  11  15May 11, 2008DueSer  Los Angeles
14"OHIO - STATE OF PRESIDENTS"  20  57Apr 3, 2008mtncorg  Portland
15"All ways going to be a Tribe and Buckeye fan."  1Mar 18, 2008DustnAsh  Knoxville
16"Rockin and Rollin through the Midwest"  1Mar 1, 2008pabertra  Lima
17"OHIO - place where people are very friendly."  3Jan 22, 2008scarletf  Pasig
18"Go Buckeye!"Jan 5, 2008Sage49  Chicago
19"Flatlanders, Mistake by the Lake & Buckeyes"  9  42Jan 4, 2008Ewingjr98  Tachikawa
20"The Buckeye State"Dec 13, 2007Shelbybone  Weslaco
21"My 5 year exile in Ohio"  1Dec 3, 2007steffie74  Apache Junction
22"Never really had time to slow down to enjoy it!"  3  4Nov 3, 2007Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
23"Hocking Valley Scenic Railway"  1  3Oct 22, 2007Iluv2surf2  Columbus
24"A Dream Come True!"  1  6Oct 22, 2007AlexeRoy  Gatineau
25"Ohio - visiting the Kirtland Temple"  2Oct 4, 2007scott_norwood  Warrensburg
26"A Night At The Jake"  3Sep 20, 2007Travler409  Michigan
27"Feel at home in Ohio"  1Aug 21, 2007esommerton  Naples
28"Ohio"  2  9Aug 17, 2007JREllison  Lexington
29"Ohio Rocks!"Aug 16, 2007GinMello  Knoxville
30"O - HI - O"  1Aug 1, 2007KiKitC  Lakewood
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