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1"Been through it a lot, spent little time until now"  3Mar 25, 2014Toughluck  Valparaiso
2"The Garden State"  8  28Aug 15, 2012gwened  Pluvigner
3"New Jersey"  4  16Aug 4, 2012blueskyjohn  New Jersey
4"STATE OF NEW JERSEY"Apr 21, 2012DennyP  Parramatta
5"Welcome to New Jersey"  1Apr 6, 2012dlandt  Chicago
6"Visits to Relatives"  2Sep 29, 2011grandmaR  Leonardtown
7"My Home, New Jersey"  11  12Jun 9, 2011dancergirl  New Jersey
8"YUCK!"Jan 31, 2011m1nkey  Gamboa
9"Jersey Shore"  1Sep 8, 2010DayvJones  Binghamton
10"New Jersey"Aug 9, 2010malianrob  Los Angeles
11"New Jersey"  2  5Jul 24, 2010Florida999  Florida
12"New Jersey"  1Jun 4, 2010ines2003  Departamento de Canelones
13"New Jersey"Apr 14, 2010markthespot  Rochester
14"I was born here"Apr 7, 2010nadinemarie  Eatontown
15"Just Passing Through"  3  2Mar 15, 2010msbrandysue  Cypress
16"Kids Attraction"  3Nov 12, 2009lilysuzlini  Kuala Lumpur
17"New Jersey"Nov 9, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
18"I'm a Jersey Girl"  1  1Apr 24, 2009sherrillbland  Spartanburg
19"WHY IS IT CALLED THE GARDEN STATE?"  1  1Apr 20, 2009moiraistyx  Rock Hill
20"New Jersey - the arm pit of America"  1Jan 8, 2009Dizzyhead  Eskilstuna
21"Ah yes, the "Garden State""Dec 31, 2008cdean  Tampa
22"“We’ve all come to look for America”"  16  47Nov 30, 2008toonsarah   Ealing
23"Jersey State of Mind"Oct 6, 2008NewYorkPrincess  United States of America
24"the garden"  1Aug 21, 2008pimdacosta  San Francisco
25"Welcome to the Garden State"  1  5Aug 6, 2008April1985  Atlantic City
26"Cape May"  1Jul 15, 2008apbeaches  New York City
27"The Garden State (NEW JERSEY)"Jun 15, 2008michelelovestotravel  Philippines
28"N. Jersey"  1Apr 6, 2008peperoni  Setúbal
29"THE GARDEN STATE"Jan 27, 2008alyf1961  Leeds
30"Mount Vernon, NJ? or Upstate NY?"  3Nov 18, 2007brandon101  Philippines
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