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1"New England 2013"  4  9Oct 16, 2013lakota6ch  Zürich
2"welcome in Maine"Nov 5, 2012teacherpb  World
3"Dog Friendly Maine"  3  10Jan 16, 2012PupDawg  Boston
4"Lots of Great Places - If you Have the Money"Oct 20, 2011glabah  Lents
5"Postcard landscpes in Maine"  3  9Sep 1, 2011m1nkey  Gamboa
6"Welcome to Maine!"  6  8Jul 12, 2011PALLINA  Munich
7"They say go to Maine in the Fall"  7  12Nov 25, 2010ChrisSheena  Charlotte
8"Travels in Maine"Sep 19, 2010akaBuzz  World
9"Your own Lobster Fest"  1  8Feb 23, 2010xymmot  Richmond
10"My trips to Maine"Feb 2, 2010sabimax  World
11"Beautiful Blue Hill, on the coast of Maine"Jan 28, 2010anndurgin  Maine
12"Cycling southern coast of Maine August 2009"  1  5Jan 2, 2010Hcamper  Massachusetts
13"Maine"Nov 13, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
14"Summer School"  1Jul 28, 2009grandmaR  Leonardtown
15"Maine"  1Jul 4, 2009dhight  Hamilton
16"Northern Atlantic coast"  2Jun 1, 2009ScottHurl  Montreal
17"Maine"  1Apr 4, 2009chrisb500  World
18"Maine, US"  3Feb 2, 2009dromosapien  Faribault
19"Maine The Vacationland State"Dec 10, 2008iamlonely  Philadelphia
20"Lobster State"  15  38Oct 25, 2008german_eagle  Dresden
21"The Way Life Should Be. Definitely."  1Jul 12, 2008JShultz  Lafayette
22"UNDER CONSTRUCTION"  1Jul 10, 2008DAO  Wakefield
23"Gorgeous Coastline"  1May 9, 2008DueSer  Los Angeles
24"Downeast Maine"  2  8Jan 1, 2008maggie0o0o0  Raleigh
25"Maine - The way life should be"Oct 25, 2007lil_sis_1173  North Conway
26"Maine"Oct 13, 2007ArenJo  Orlando
27"Trying to remember Maine"Oct 10, 2007Redlats  Winnipeg
28"MAINE - LOBSTERS & LIGHTHOUSES"  28  119Sep 30, 2007LoriPori  Windsor
29"Maine: no moose but lots of lobster"  1  6Sep 14, 2007lfllmg  Manorville
30"Maine"  1Aug 9, 2007teddy754  Atlanta
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