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1"Passing through Western Kentucky" Mar 30, 2014S.Ottie  Jacksonville
2"Kentucky Bourbon Trail"  3Sep 28, 2013mezaleski  Detroit
3"Did not get to see much of the state"  1Jan 18, 2013AGBAT  New Mexico
4"Kentucky"Nov 13, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
5"Where the Blue Grass Grows..."  13Jul 22, 2009cpiers47  Trieste
6"Trip to Makers Mark Distillery"  3Jul 4, 2009Turtle47  Taylorsville
7"One of the tri-cities in the Midwest United States"  1Jan 4, 2009joiwatani  Seattle
8"Fort Knox, Kentucky"  4  10Dec 9, 2008Pawtuxet  Rhode Island
9"Louis XVI town"  3Jun 5, 2008jorgejuansanchez   Hospitalet
10"First Time at the Kentucky Derby"  3May 31, 2008golfkat  San Francisco
11"My old Kentucky home"Apr 5, 2008cahaden  Fort Worth
12"What do you think of when you say "Kentucky"?"  2Mar 11, 2008rkearns  Vieques
13"Kentucky"  4  23Mar 9, 2008Dester  Weatherford
14"My Kentucky Experience"  3Jan 22, 2008Sarah_Bellum  Curitiba
15"Ken-tuck-ee!"  2  3Dec 21, 2007mcferreri  Charlotte
16"My Old Kentucky Home!"  11Dec 18, 2007BeatChick  Cincinnati
17"Born & Raised..."Dec 11, 2007troymink  Seattle
18"Feist Concert"Dec 8, 2007harrier666  World
19"Horses and People Watching in KY"  1  3Dec 1, 2007damond  Denver
20"Welcome!"Nov 5, 2007polyglot08  Mount Sterling
21"Beautiful Kentucky"  3  4Oct 18, 2007no1birdlady  Augusta
22"Kentucky - The Bluegrass State"  2  7Aug 26, 2007MatthewMetcalfe  Atlanta
23"Bluegrass and more................."Aug 24, 2007clutchdoc  Anaheim
24"Kentucky"  1  3Aug 22, 2007Agraichen  Chula Vista
25"Life Begins at 40"Aug 20, 2007Marisola  Chicago
26"Beautiful Country!"  1  8Aug 14, 2007paulapes  Rhode Island
27"Kentucky"  2  6Aug 12, 2007ant1606  Torino
28"Basaic Kentucky Page"  3Jul 16, 2007Basaic  Sierra Vista
29"Lived there"Jun 27, 2007edwis  Tampa
30"Home of the Cats and the Cards"  23  91May 28, 2007JREllison  Lexington
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