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1"Chicago in the Winter"  3Dec 26, 2014The3Kuceras  Garden Grove
2"ILLINI into ILLINOIS"  1  2Dec 24, 2012kharmencita  Germany
3"Where I was Born"Jul 23, 2012Jill_Marie  Cabo San Lucas
4"Chicago"  1May 8, 2012albertoc  Barcelona
5"Illinois"  1Nov 3, 2010rugone  Illinois
6"Chicago is a very friendly city."  1  4Oct 16, 2010ScottHurl  Montreal
7"Jumping in Illinois!"  2Aug 21, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
8"Illinois"  3Jul 12, 2010Rich62  Kearney
9"Sweet Home Chicago"  1Jun 20, 2010MonicaLouise  Delaware
10"Illinois State"Jan 8, 2010blakeweb  South Dakota
11"Illinois"  1Nov 13, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
12"Illinois"  1Sep 10, 2009Mikivoyageur  Madrid
13"Chicago!!"Apr 23, 2009augsburg  United States of America
14".x. Chicago illinois .x."Oct 29, 2008NickieValentine  Manitoulin Island
15"Land of Lincoln"Aug 23, 2008kawanua  Los Angeles
16"CHICAGO"  2Jul 22, 2008glennhb  California
17"Chicago"Jun 30, 2008shropshiregirl  Shropshire
18"Chicago !!!"  10  15Jun 27, 2008eddieboy726  Granite City
19"M'amour! Chicago"  3  10Jun 21, 2008acommon1  San Francisco
20"Chicago"Jun 2, 2008jhamca  California
21"Venture Beyond the Airport"  4  10May 9, 2008DueSer  Los Angeles
22"DeKalb, Illinois"  3Apr 8, 2008Sage49  Chicago
23"Scenes from the Road"  1  1Mar 19, 2008riorich55  Naperville
24"Superdawgin' It"  3Feb 21, 2008Travler409  Michigan
25"Chicago"  2Feb 16, 2008rlshoemaker  World
26"Covering Chicago"  1Dec 22, 2007reevesderek  Seattle
27"Downtown Chicago"  2  3Dec 1, 2007damond  Denver
28"Illinois, USA"Nov 4, 2007davecallahan  Greece
29"Travelogue overflow from Chicago"  8Oct 28, 2007Dabs  Chicago
30"Illinois"  1Oct 8, 2007ArenJo  Orlando
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